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Connarts is an ERP Web Application. We Basically Supply Enterprise resource planning (ERP) Facilities.


With Connarts, your business is Enterprise resource planning (ERP) Enabled.

Connarts is an ERP tool for your business, but beyond that we want to connect your art with the world. The fashion industry is ever changing with new designs and there will always be customer for your product. People will forever wear clothes. So there's always a market for you! But how do you find your customers? How do you reach out to them? How do you keep in touch with them? How do you serve and treat them? We give to you Connarts. An ERP that grows your business by providing you with CUSTOMER DATA MANAGEMENT - to help keep relevant data about your customer. So they are readily accessible and arranged. It's much better than it sounds.


Enterprise resource planning (ERP) helps your business.

You have only 24 hours a day and you have other things in need of your attention. But with AUTOMATED CUSTOMER RELATIONSHIP MANAGEMENT We'd really help with keeping on touch with your customers, message them when you're done with their work. Tell them when you have a new design in your DESIGN CATALOGUE (oh, yea, you have a DESIGN CATALOGUE with us where everyone can see what you have done so they know you by your work and style). Then there is a PROJECT MANAGEMENT. Sure you get contracts and you probably have apprentices and some stocks avaliable for sale, it's getting a bit difficult to keep track of things, we can handle INVENTORY MANAGEMENT for you. This client needs her dress by Thursday and your still working on client A's job, we can help you with the numbers to automatically provide you with REPORT & ANALYSIS. And maybe you don't all of these, but you definiately need two or three of it. Connarts is for you... and a whole lot more.


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We are connected now more than ever (this will always be true, technology won't slow down) and your work needs to be out there. We provide tools that remind your clients give reference to your work whenever it gets online.

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