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At Connarts, we provide E-commerce services to our clients which involves the buying and selling products on online or over the Internet.


Connarts TourNg provides tour guilde to yankare Game reserve in Bauchi state. It promises to be a wonderful experience when you join us on this tour.

Online Art Varsity

Connarts will also provides room for young individuals who wants to learn about Photography and Videography. These features is going to be lanuched soon by connarts


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Online Art Varsity


About Connarts

Made for Arts

  • Early 2016

    Our Humble Beginnings

    In the early 2016, one of the founders came up with the idea of making Nigeria local businesses growth with the aid of technology that is realible and affordable to get. This was because businesses where folding up because most small compaines do not have access to cheap technology and people could not look up the services they provide on the internet.

  • Late 2016

    An Agency is Born

    Considering all the problems that are going on in Nigeria, a group of three indiviuals, two techies and a lawyer with an avearge age of 20.3 years came upwith a solution called Connarts.They are very passionate first about Nigeria and how to improve the value of Nigerians as a whole. We have come together to proffer solutions to various untapped or under- tapped opportunities in Nigeria, by dealing in localised e-commerce (connarts.com.ng, nysc.connarts.com.ng )and the processes involved in localizing it and also getting into several other spheres like ecotourism ( tours.connarts.com.ng). With dreams of also creating made in Nigeria software and hardware devices

  • Early 2017

    Transition to Full Service

    In the early 2017, the vision was brought to light and the organisation launched it course and the dreams of the founders started coming into reality.

  • April 2017

    Phase Two Expansion

    My team and I came up with a platform called www.connarts.com.ng that has come to change, modify and better the way e-commerce platforms have been seen in Nigeria. It is strictly a Nigerian fashion-only platform that sells materials made by brands in Nigeria, by Nigerians. We came up with a platform that can allow fashion entrepreneurs in Nigeria, focus on creating products, and managing inventory, while we help them store, market and sell and deliver their products. We are researching using drone delivery and are in discussions with NIPOST and other delivery services to help with on time delivery.

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Our Amazing Team

Our Amazing team consists of the CEO, CTO and COO

Olamide Akomolafe

CEO Connarts

Nwachukwu Ossai

CTO Connarts

Obakam TomGeorge

COO Connarts

Olamide has worked as a software developer and software development lead on several software development projects, in and outside university. Co-founded Connarts NG in a classroom at Bowen University, of which he just freshly graduated from. He is an ardent reader and a creative, that has watched and learnt from the greats how management is, and the best way it can be handled.

Nwachukwu fits into many roles. He is a seasoned developer and a very smart manager. He has been at the helm of churning out great product whenever it is required. He has served as Project and Team Lead on several software development projects also. He handles the complete development of the prototype and complete product and help develop a perfect company culture.

Obakam is a freshly minted lawyer and a progressive at heart. She is also a corporate communicator and a content creator. She is well skilled in people/client and organizational management. She enjoys unique media content, loves traveling, and playing volley ball, and is almost an ambidextrous. She manages Connarts corporate culture as well as its employees making sure activities within the company moves as smoothly as possible.


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